Commercial Agreement Law

We foster collaborative partnerships, empowering you to confidently make informed and strategic business decisions. You can directly engage our specialized Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers, potentially leading to substantial cost savings on legal fees.

Our distinguished civil and commercial litigation lawyers at Advantage Law Firm possess unparalleled expertise across all facets of civil and commercial litigation. With specialized knowledge of relevant laws and deep familiarity with the intricacies of specialist tribunals and courts, they excel in navigating complex legal landscapes.

What sets our lawyers apart is their extensive industry experience, having held profit responsibility roles, granting them invaluable firsthand insights into a wide array of civil and commercial issues and disputes. They adeptly align outcomes with client objectives and are proficient in addressing multifaceted challenges inherent in litigation matters. This unique blend of legal acumen and practical industry experience positions them as sought-after advisors by solicitors, surveyors, consultants, corporations, institutions, and individual clients, seeking strategic resolutions to their civil and commercial litigation needs.

Our civil and commercial litigation practice is led by Mr. Shafqat Khatana, a distinguished commercial agreement law expert with over one decade of extensive experience in commercial, professional, and legal practice. Mr.Shafqat brings a wealth of expertise in all facets of civil and commercial litigation, ranging from case evaluations to determining the viability of initiating a claim, drafting settlement letters prior to claims, preparing particulars of claim and defense, managing track allocation, costs, and case progression, handling injunctions, overseeing trials, and managing appeals.

Every successful company relies on trustworthy legal counsel to foster growth and advancement. Our seasoned Company Commercial agreement team delivers clear, concise, and pragmatic advice, grounded in honesty. Whether you’re a burgeoning start-up or a multinational powerhouse, we’re committed to offering tailored guidance to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

We sought to help our clients in the following disciplines in Commercial agreement law.

Business Sale or Purchase

If your business is on the market for sale or considering acquiring a business, it marks a pivotal step in your strategic agenda. Securing the best deal demands tenacity, creativity, flexibility, and adept project management. With numerous legal intricacies at play, partnering with our team of seasoned corporate lawyers ensures thorough planning and successful negotiation for the sale or acquisition.

Why engage a corporate solicitor for your transaction?

Irrespective of your business’s scale, navigating through complex procedures and securing meticulously crafted contractual documents is imperative to safeguard your interests both during and after the deal. Collaborating with a proficient team of corporate solicitors adds value, mitigates risks, and ensures the protection of your best interests. For instance, if a specific contract, supply chain, or asset holds significance for you, it’s crucial to ascertain its true value and ensure robust future security.

What role does a company solicitor play in a corporate acquisition?

The critical stages involved in completing a company or business sale typically include:

Heads of Terms: Drafting and negotiating the Heads of Terms to establish the foundation of the transaction.

Due diligence: Managing the due diligence process, wherein the buyer investigates the target business to identify potential liabilities. We provide guidance on any issues that arise, such as employment matters (e.g., redundancies and TUPE) and their impact on commercial contracts.

Key contractual documents: Drafting, negotiating, and finalizing various contractual documents, including:

Purchase agreement (either an ’Asset Purchase Agreement’ or a ’Share Purchase Agreement’) to govern the sale terms, incorporating relevant warranties and indemnities.

A ’Disclosure Letter’ is prepared by the seller to disclose any business liabilities and limit seller liability under the warranties in the purchase agreement.

Ancillary documents to transfer legal ownership of assets or shares in the target business.

Any necessary funding arrangements for the transaction.

Completion: Managing the completion process involves signing all documents and addressing any post-sale requirements.

Every transaction is unique, necessitating assistance from a corporate solicitor for planning, strategic advice, preparation of contractual documentation, negotiation representation, and ensuring adherence to appropriate company law procedures.

How do Advantage lawyers support you in commercial agreement law?

Whether you’re navigating the sale or purchase of a small or large business, our seasoned Company & Commercial agreement lawyers will expertly guide you through each stage, ensuring you secure the optimal deal.

In addition to the aforementioned steps, we offer comprehensive support, including:

Ensuring adherence to all necessary corporate law procedures and providing company secretarial services, such as updating statutory registers and managing Companies House filings. Leveraging the expertise of our colleagues in areas such as commercial property, employment law, or commercial litigation as needed.

Coordinating with other advisors, including tax and financial experts, to bolster transactional support. Facilitating the exchange and completion of the transaction and preparing requisite documentation to affirm ownership of the business or company.

Handling any post-sale document filings to streamline the transition process.

Business Start-ups

If you’re considering launching a new business venture, enlisting legal advisory services early on is crucial. Strategic planning and establishing the appropriate structure from the outset are paramount to ensuring your long-term success and prosperity.

Selecting and establishing your business structure

Choosing the proper business structure is foundational. Initial corporate structuring advice significantly impacts operations and financial outcomes. For instance, the structure affects investment attraction, tax implications, and regulatory compliance. Companies must meet legal obligations, like annual filings at Companies House. Once decided, we assist in forming companies, partnerships, or limited liability partnerships, and organizing corporate group structures if linked to another business. We provide essential documentation support, drafting, updating, and reviewing shareholder agreements, articles of association, or partnership agreements to ensure comprehensive legal compliance and operational clarity.

Trading and operational support

We offer guidance on various aspects of business operations in commercial agreement

Commercial agreement

Essential for managing risk and preventing disputes between customers and suppliers.

Cash flow management

Effective credit control procedures ensure steady cash flow; we assist in debt recovery if needed.

Business premises

Our commercial property team aids in navigating transactions, identifying pitfalls, and negotiating terms.

Human resources

From employment policies to setting up employee share schemes, our team ensures compliance and effective staff management.

Intellectual property

We protect your brand and maximize the value of intellectual property rights through strategic advice.

Apart from the above-mentioned, Advantage lawyers deal with other commercial agreements below.

  • Shareholder agreement
  • Business transfer agreement
  • Employment agreement
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Cooperation agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Lease Agreement

Commercial Agreement Review and Revision

Parties frequently seek our lawyers’ assistance in reviewing agreements prior to signing. Given the complexity of commercial agreements, crucial details can easily be overlooked, particularly in comprehensive contracts.

We provide peace of mind by ensuring your agreements are thoroughly reviewed and secure before drafting or signing. With extensive expertise in commercial agreement law, our team of contract lawyers in Stockholm is here to assist you. Contact us for assistance with reviewing, revising, or drafting agreements.

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