Shafqat Khatana


I am Shafqat Khatana CEO and founder of Advantage Law Firm. I started this firm because I love law and am passionate about helping people solve their legal problems. I am also extremely passionate about the personal meeting and therefore devote a lot of time to building relationships and getting to know each client that I work with.

I mainly work with business law, employment law and dispute resolution as well as with the agency’s other legal areas. I have lectured in law for students studying public procurement at Påhlmans Handelsinstitut. I am also used to lecturing for politicians and civil servants in municipalities and county councils as well as for various companies. Examples of organizations I have lectured for are SEB (Scandinavian Enskilda Banken), Påhlman’s trading institute, the Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs, Vårljus AB, Botkyrka municipality, Start-up Stockholm, Framgångsnetvärk, St. Botvid’s gymnasium, Sanna Office Hub, Osteostrong Sweden, Kista Folk High School, Glokala Folk High School, the Sensus study association, the ABF study association, etc. etc.


In addition, I am politically active and board professional and am/have been a member of the board of a number of companies and committees, for example I am vice chairman of Söder Energi, which produces electricity and district heating for a large number of households. I am also hired to lead annual meetings and association meetings.

I answer your questions and concerns

If you are curious about me or our company and how we can help you, send me an email and we will have a meeting.