Shafqat Khatana


Shafqat Khatana

I’m Shafqat Khatana, the CEO and founder of Advantage Law Firm. My passion for law and dedication to helping individuals navigate their legal challenges drove me to establish this firm. I prioritise personal connections and invest ample time in building relationships with each client.

My primary focus areas include business law, employment law, and dispute resolution, alongside other legal domains managed by our agency. I’ve had the privilege of lecturing on law, particularly in public procurement, at Påhlmans Handelsinstitut. Furthermore, I’ve delivered lectures for various entities ranging from politicians and civil servants to corporate organisations. Some notable organisations include SEB (Scandinavian Enskilda Banken), Påhlman’s trading institute, the Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs, and many more.

Beyond my legal practice, I am actively engaged in politics and hold board positions in several companies and committees. Notably, I serve as the vice chairman of Söder Energi, a major provider of electricity and district heating. I also have experience leading annual and association meetings.

I’m here to address any questions or concerns you may have. If you’re interested in learning more about me or our firm and how we can assist you, feel free to reach out via email to schedule a meeting.