Contract Law

We assist both individuals and companies in drafting and reviewing various types of agreements, such as partnership agreements, confidentiality agreements, consultancy agreements, shareholder agreements and cooperation agreements. With a good agreement, you minimize the risk of future disputes.

Contract lawyers with extensive experience in various contracts  

Our lawyers at Advantage Law Firm have an extensive experience in drafting and reviewing agreements.  

Below is a selection of different agreements that we can help you with. 

  • Shareholder agreements 
  • Business transfer agreements  
  • Employment contracts 
  • Franchise agreements 
  • Cooperation agreements  
  • Confidentiality agreements  
  • Rental agreements  

Review and revision of contracts 

Our lawyers are often asked by contracting parties if we can review a contract before it is signed. Contracts can be very complex, and it is easier to miss an important detail in a more comprehensive agreement.  

We can help you so that you can feel safe and secure before signing the contract. 

Contract lawyers in Stockholm with extensive experience in contract law 

Contact us if you need help reviewing, revising, or drafting a contract! 

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