Claims Disputes

We can help you if you are involved in a claims dispute. For example, you may have received a claim from a private individual or a company that you do not believe is correct, or you need the right to collect outstanding debts in the form of unpaid invoices.

Claims law 

Claims law is the area of law that deals with claims. There are specific rules on the origin, content, and termination of claims. Claims law describes a claimed relationship between at least two persons, a debtor, and a creditor. 

Claim, debtor, and creditor  

A claim is an obligation or a legally binding claim by an individual (legal entity or private person) against another individual.  

Many issues may arise in the law of claims, such as the origin of the claim, the basis of the claim, its content, and the limitation period.  

A debtor is someone who owes a debt to someone else. This could be a monetary debt or an obligation to do something. The person to whom the debtor owes a debt is called a creditor. 

A creditor is a party that has a claim against the debtor.  

Debt and credit law in the field of debt law 

Two important areas of the law of claims are the law of debt and the law of credit. 

Often the debtor and the creditor have agreed on when and how the debt will be settled. However, this does not preclude disputes from arising, especially when one of the parties has a counterclaim against the other.  

Among other things, we can help you with: 

  • Preparation of promissory notes 
  • Interpretation of promissory notes 
  • Advice on claims 
  • Collection of claims 
  • Contestation of claims 
  • Claims disputes in court 

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