Public Procurement

Public procurement involves the purchase of products and services by the public sector. There are rules for how procurement should be carried out. In Sweden, the state, municipalities, authorities, and county councils are obliged to procure goods and services according to specific guidelines and levels.

The Rules 

Swedish procurement legislation consists of four laws. 

  • The Public Procurement Act (LOU) 
  • The Act on Procurement in the utility sector (LUF) 
  • The Act on Procurement of Concessions (LUK) 
  • The Defense and security procurement Act (LUFS). 

Most procurements are carried out under LOU.  

Our experience and knowledge of public procurement 

Procurement is complex, requiring extensive experience and knowledge in the field of procurement. In order to win a procurement, you must be well-versed in your industry and the law in the area and have an overview of the history of public procurement. This can be both difficult and time-consuming. 

At Advantage Law Firm, we have both experience and knowledge regarding all stages of public procurement. This means that we can both facilitate and increase your chances of winning the procurement.  

In addition to our procurements with repeat customers, we also conduct lectures at various universities around Stockholm.  

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