Dispute Resolution

At Advantage Law Firm, we represent both private individuals and companies in disputes about, for example, claims, damages, defects in real estate/residential property, rental and condominium disputes, various transfers and much more.

Being sued 

Receiving a lawsuit where someone has a claim against you can be an unusual and uncomfortable situation.  

It is a good idea to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to get help. Often you will receive a document from the court with a deadline to respond, therefore, it is important to respond to the summons quickly and with a sufficient degree of precision and accuracy so that the court understands your position.  

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in court proceedings and can therefore help you.    


While a case is pending before the court, there may also be settlement discussions between the parties. The parties can reach an out-of-court settlement (conciliation) at any time during the proceedings. The aim of conciliation is to find the best possible solution for the client. 

Alternative dispute resolution 

As your representative, we help you find alternative solutions before any court proceedings. We can carry out investigations, correspondence with the other party, and mediation and conciliation procedures before a possible lawsuit.  

Whichever approach is deemed best, we are there for you throughout the process! 

With Advantage as your lawyer 

Together with your lawyer, you will develop a strategy to reach your goal. We will also be there for you during this time-consuming and stressful situation. With your lawyer, you will be able to feel confident that your case will be handled with the utmost care and urgency.  

We have extensive experience in dispute resolution and are strong in negotiations and court proceedings. 

Contact us today for help if you have ended up in a dispute. 

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