Dispute with Employee

What can lead to a dispute with an employee? 

There are several situations that can lead to disputes with employees – different laws may also regulate different situations. 

Below is just a small selection of situations that can give rise to disputes between employers and employees: 

  • A breach of a collective agreement is when the employer has hired someone on a fixed-term contract without being allowed to do so by the collective agreement. 
  • A dismissal without just cause can be a breach of the LAS. 
  • If an employee has not been granted a holiday in accordance with the rules of the Holiday Act, this may be a breach of the Holiday Act. 

When you have a dispute with an employee  

As an employer, you are often faced with different, often unexpected situations, or must take a stand on complicated issues. It is not always easy to deal with complicated issues on your own or try to interpret different laws.  

Therefore, it is always a good idea to contact a lawyer who is familiar with employment law to deal with these issues in a professional manner.  

An employee can initiate a dispute or negotiation with their employer either through their union (if they are a member of a union) or on their own. This can relate to a wide range of employment law issues, such as a dispute over: 

  • Wages 
  • Holiday pay 
  • Damages, duty of loyalty 
  • Invalidation of termination or dismissal. 

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