Migration law

Migration law includes asylum, right of residence, work permit, residence permit, visa and citizenship.

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Residence permit due to family connection

Anyone who wants to settle together with a close relative in Sweden must have a residence permit. This applies, for example, to spouses, cohabitants or registered partnerships. Future spouses and cohabitants also have the right to a residence permit. Children under the age of 18 have the right to be reunited with their parents, provided that the guardian has given written consent.

Anyone who is at risk of persecution in their country of origin because of race, nationality, ethnicity, religious or political opinion has the right to asylum. Similarly, if you risk the death penalty or torture, are persecuted because of your gender, your sexual orientation or need protection because of war or environmental disaster.
Residence permit as a self-employed person

In order to obtain a residence permit as a self-employed person, several requirements must be met. The requirements are that:

The applicant must have a valid passport.
The applicant must know English or Swedish.
The applicant must be self-employed and for this it is required that you own at least 50% of the company.
The applicant’s livelihood must be secured during the so-called trial period of two years.
The applicant must have realistic business plans.
The applicant must have real and controlling influence over the company.
The applicant must demonstrate that the company is expected to achieve a satisfactory profit.
The applicant must be able to support himself and his family after the so-called trial period of two years.
Work permit

Anyone who wants to work in Sweden has the opportunity to apply for a work permit. In order to obtain a work permit, you must:

The employee has a valid passport
The employee can make a living from the work
The employment conditions are at the level of the Swedish collective agreement or what is customary in the profession or industry
The service has been advertised in Sweden and the EU
The employee must normally apply for a residence and work permit from the home country or another country outside Sweden where she resides. In some cases, however, an employee can apply for a work permit when he or she is in Sweden.
Read more about the rules on WORK PERMIT here.


Citizens of countries outside the EU need a visa to visit Sweden as a tourist or to meet friends and relatives. A visa granted by one of the Schengen countries is also valid for visits to all the other countries participating in the cooperation.

If you want to visit Sweden, you must meet certain requirements, among other things you must have a passport that is valid for at least three months after the visa’s expiry date.

The visitor must also have access to money for subsistence and for the journey home.

Swedish authorities have assessed that a person needs 40 euros (about SEK 370) per day that the visit to Sweden lasts.

In some cases, the amount can be lower, such as for smaller children, if the cost of board and lodging has been paid in advance or if the applicant is to live with relatives or friends.

You can show that you have enough money for living with the help of, for example, bank statements or documents where the inviter in Sweden promises to cover all costs during the visit.

You also need to take out individual travel insurance that covers the costs that may arise in connection with emergency medical assistance, urgent hospital care or transport home for medical reasons.

The insurance must cover costs of at least 30,000 euros and apply in all Schengen countries.


There are three ways to obtain Swedish citizenship according to the Citizenship Act:

Automatic – at birth or parents’ marriage
Registration – after a simple check that the formalities have been met
Application – after a free evidentiary examination of the circumstances of the individual case
Rights that come with citizenship:

Right to vote
Help with missions abroad
Access to certain services such as protected jobs and ministerial positions
Simplifies when traveling abroad
Does not risk breaking residency or losing PUT and gets a Swedish passport
Rights resulting from EU membership
Right to move freely in the EU – right of residence
Rules on citizenship are found in the Swedish Citizenship Act.

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