The Essential Services of an International Business Law Firm

Welcome to Advantage international business law firm, Sweden’s one of the most prestigious business law firm where legal geniuses meet dedication to their client’s satisfaction and success. With over 15 years of experience serving Advantage international business customers, we are highly dependable and the most rated law firm in Sweden. 

Advantage’s aim is to exceed our valued customer’s expectations which include industries and local businesses. We provide our customers with best legal advice and insight of their unique case coined with in-depth local knowledge and expertise. Our policy is to respect our clients and put them and their interests first. This includes their circumstances, their operating context, and the issues they face in their respective sectors.

What makes Advantage international business law firm different from others is its philosophy of professionalism, integrity coupled with client-centred service. Our commitment to our client is unparalleled, we meet with our customers face to face to build the rapport as well as better understand their situation, problems and present them with the best legal solution.

Our customers validate our claim, to provide practical, commercial, and effective solutions to their problems. Please find our field of expertise below:

  •       Business Law
  •       Civil litigation
  •       Commercial and residential Rent Contracts
  •       Estate Planning and Probate
  •       Real Estate Law

Advantage international business law firm pride itself in creating the best teams in its organization to tackle complex legal cases. The point of this is simple, to bring together the right mixer of expertise, jurisdiction knowledge, and right set of skill sets rather than focusing on one person per assignment. This inevitably produces the results our respected clients wished for. Our business lawyers depict the highest standards of respect and integrity, as widely seen in Swedish society. We offer our teams of legal experts, up-to-date training, short courses and refreshers as these leads to assist our legal teams to produce results based upon professional integrity, responsibility, and kindness.  

Code of Practice

Advantage international business law firms believe in value-based culture which could be seen once you enter our offices. All our business lawyers are embedded in its culture, based on mutual respect and integrity. This also showcases the vision of our founder ‘’Shafqat Khatana’’ whose professionalism, ethical standards set a right example for other team members and develop a culture based on integrity, responsibility, accountability, and inclusivity. This helps us build an environment where no one is bullied, discriminated against, accountable for their actions and inclusivity.

Delivering values to the clients

Advantage international business law firm has only one goal to achieve, and which is to serve its customers to their complete satisfaction. We use cutting edge technology to provide the best solutions to our clients based on their values and requirements. Using technology to best fit customer needs and assign the best team possible which can bring in the best process and practice. This also helps our organisation to learn from their experiences and pass it onto other teams to take crucial points which may guide them in their future endeavours. We also have established a robust system where we always revisit the cases we handled and ponder upon how we could have handled the case better and produced much better results.

Advantage International Business Law firm operates mainly in Stockholm, Sweden but takes assignments from all over Sweden and now started venturing around the world. The core of its ventures is business law. Where we understand the structure of businesses. We also understand their key requirements such as employers’ liabilities to HR best practices and procedures. This also includes matters where corporations are struggling to handle redundancies, bonuses, grievances, contractual issues, discrimination, abuse, unfair dismissal, termination of job, bonuses, share option etc. Along with that our law firm also helps institutions and their students better understand ever evolving business culture and their ever-arising requirements. These institute includes  

SEB (Scandinavian Enskilda Banken), Påhlman’s trading institute, the Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs, Vårljus AB, Botkyrka municipality, Start-up Stockholm, Framgångsnetvärk, St. Botvid’s gymnasium, Sanna Office Hub, Osteostrong Sweden, Kista Folk High School, Glokala Folk High School, the Sensus study association, the ABF study association.

Advantage International Business Law firms work with corporations’ employees as well, in particular, members of the trade unions, managers and senior staff. The employees specially take advantage of our panel of advocates, regarding their service contracts, redundancies, resolving any other issues etc.

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