Employment Contract

An employment contract regulates the employment relationship between the employer and the employee,

The employer must provide written information about the important conditions of the employment relationship and the employment contract no later than one month after the start of employment.

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An employment contract between the employer and employee can be oral, but certain essential elements must be in writing. The following information must be included in writing in an employment contract. 

The name and address of the employer and the employee, the starting date, the place where the employee will work, the tasks, the job title, the type of employment contract, the notice period, the conditions for annual leave, the pay periods and pay dates, the collective agreement if the employer has signed it, and the insurance for the employee.  

Depending on the type of employment, other information may also be added. For example, in the case of a fixed-term employment contract, the end date or the conditions under which the employment contract is to be terminated.  

Types of employment 

When you start a new job, it is important that you know which form of employment applies. The form of employment can, for example, affect the period of notice you have. 

In Sweden, there is permanent employment and fixed-term employment. Permanent employment means that the employment runs from a start date until either you or the employer terminates the employment.  

Fixed-term employment means that the employment is for a fixed period of time. There are different types of fixed-term contracts, including special fixed-term contracts, temporary contracts, seasonal contracts, and contracts where the employee has reached the age of 68.  

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Our labor lawyers have both the knowledge and skills to deal with employment contracts, the different employment relationships and unique circumstances. We assist both employees and employers in interpreting and drafting contracts.  

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