Notice is a term used in employment and contract law. The concept means that one party in the contractual agreement, for example between an employer and employee, wants the contractual relationship to end.

Advantage Law Firm knows the procedures for notice 

What are the Rules for Notice? 

A notice of termination by the employer must always be in writing and delivered to the employee personally.  

Until the employment relationship ends, there is a period of notice, during which specific rules apply.  

We can help you with questions such as  

  • notice due to lack of work, 
  • notice without objective reasons, 
  • Self-termination (termination at one’s own request), 
  • Notice of dismissal, and 
  • what applies to the notice period. 

If the worker resigns, the resignation does not have to be justified or in writing to be valid, whereas a resignation by the employer must always be in writing and be based on objective reasons. 

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