Licensing Issues

Licensing issues for those working in the restaurant and bar sector. Get help from a lawyer to avoid having to deal with the licensing process and dealing with the authorities by yourself!

Permits and Licenses 

Advantage Law Firm is here as your lawyer for liquor licenses. Liquor licenses cover any transfer of alcoholic beverages in exchange for payment or other consideration. To obtain a license, you must be considered fit to serve alcohol, manage your finances and not have a criminal record. You must also take and pass a knowledge test on alcohol law. It can be difficult to know how to proceed with your liquor license. At Advantage, we have a wide range of expertise and long experience of working with license cases.  

Serving permits for restaurants and pubs 

Our lawyers know how the restaurant and pub industry works and have several years of experience in matters relating to serving permits in restaurants and pubs. Several of our clients are currently active in both the restaurant and pub industry, which gives us a unique insight into the various permits issued by the authorities for both serving and alcohol. We will help you contact the authorities and handle your case in the best possible way! 

We work with temporary as well as permanent permits. We also have the habit of applying for permits for those who will work at a temporary event where serving and dance permits are needed. 

Rejection of permits and serving permits 

If your application has been rejected or you have received an official decision that you are not satisfied with, we can help you appeal it. We will help you with an analysis of why the authority made a rejection decision and then, in consultation with you, we will appeal the decision.  

If you have questions or problems with your serving permit, we can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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