Last Will and Testament

By making a will, the testator can decide what happens to his or her property when he or she dies. However, a married person or a person with heirs cannot simply bequeath their property without regard to the law of succession.

Rules of the will 

A will must be in writing and signed in person. It must also be witnessed by two persons present at the same time. These persons are not permitted to be related to the testator or otherwise subject to the will. They must also be aware that they are witnessing a will, but the testator does not have to show them its contents.  

Contesting a will 

If an heir wants a will to be invalidated, he or she can bring an action for annulment. This action must be brought within six months of the heir’s receipt of the will.  

An action for annulment can be based on, for example: 

  • That the testator was subject to unauthorized influence during the drawing up of the will. 
  • The testator was under the influence of a temporary or permanent mental disorder. 
  • Failure to comply with formal requirements. 

Cost of writing a will 

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