Labor Law

Labor law plays a pivotal role for company owners and operators, regardless of the size or industry of the company. The Employment Protection Act (1982:80), along with any applicable collective agreements, imposes significant obligations on employers.

Our team of committed employment solicitors is dedicated to delivering expert guidance and tailored assistance to meet your unique needs when it comes to Labor Law. Whether you’re navigating settlement agreements, unfair dismissal claims, contract reviews, or addressing workplace harassment, our specialists are here to guide you through every step of your employment journey. We recognize the significance of handling employment matters with sensitivity and diligence, ensuring your rights and interests are safeguarded. Whether you’re seeking advice on your employment contract or representation in a complex dispute, you can trust Advantage Law Firm to provide steadfast support and advocacy. Focused on safeguarding your rights and interests, the solicitors at Advantage Law Firm are poised to address all your employment-related concerns. Whether you seek guidance on your employment contract or representation in a challenging dispute, our team is dedicated to delivering dependable support tailored to your unique circumstances. Count on Advantage Law Firm to navigate the intricacies of employment law with diligence and expertise, ensuring you receive the assistance you deserve.

If you own or manage a company, you may encounter the need for organizational changes, such as redeploying or laying off staff to streamline costs. Additionally, you might require assistance in addressing employee misconduct, including issuing warnings or terminating employment for personal reasons. Your company may also face employee demands related to salary, holiday entitlements, unemployment compensation, discrimination, or damages. These measures can also impact employment conditions beyond those covered by labor laws. For instance, terminating contracts with contractors, drafting CEO agreements, or resolving disputes arising from the aforementioned issues may arise. In navigating these complexities, seeking expert legal guidance can prove invaluable in ensuring compliance and mitigating potential risks.

Aside from the company’s employment conditions, labor law encompasses critical aspects such as incentive programs, GDPR compliance, and workplace environment. Clearly outlining workplace policies through documents is crucial for your company. It may be necessary to establish new policy documents or review and revise existing ones to ensure alignment with legal requirements and organizational needs. This proactive approach helps mitigate risks and fosters a compliant and productive work environment. We provide comprehensive representation for employers in all work-related disputes, offering assistance in union negotiations, ongoing advisory services, and potential court proceedings. Additionally, we offer on-demand labor law training for companies. Contact Advantage Advokatbyrå to proactively prevent disputes within your company or for further assistance throughout the process.

Each year, our team of employment solicitors meticulously examines the evolving landscape of employment laws and their implications for businesses across various sectors. We incorporate these insights, along with relevant case studies, into our training programs to equip your business with the knowledge and tools necessary to anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes effectively. Staying abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of employment law can be challenging. Our seminars and training sessions are designed to provide clarity on the legal requirements employers must adhere to and offer strategies for maintaining compliance, thereby mitigating the risk of costly legal claims. Whether you require training for a large workforce, or a customized workshop tailored to your specific needs, we can develop a program suited to your requirements. Our sessions include updates on the latest employment law developments and their implications for your business operations, ensuring that you remain informed and equipped to navigate legal complexities effectively. We conduct specialized workshops to offer insights and guidance on specific issues such as GDPR etc, elucidating their implications for your business. Additionally, our employment team is adept at crafting tailored training programs to address your organization’s unique employment and HR requirements. For individuals requiring specialized training, we also offer one-to-one sessions designed to meet their specific needs.

Our expertise spans various aspects of labor law, including:

Recruitment and hiring

Drafting and negotiating employment contracts

Agency and contractor arrangements


Employee relations

Works councils and unions

Flexible working arrangements

Diversity and equality matters

Hours and pay regulations

Corporate governance

Boardroom and senior executive issues

Grievance handling

Whistleblowing policies

Disciplinary procedures

At Advantage Advokatbyrå, we provide comprehensive legal support tailored to your specific needs in these areas.

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