Gift Law

Gift law is the part of the law of succession that deals with gifts. A gift is characterized by the donor voluntarily making a transfer of wealth that results in a decrease in the donor’s wealth and an increase in the recipient’s wealth.


There are no specific formal requirements for gifts of movable property. Gifts of immovable property must always be made in writing; if the deed of gift does not meet the formal requirements, the gift may be declared invalid.  

At the time of the gift, questions may arise such as whether the gift should be considered as an advance on future inheritance and whether the gift should be considered as the receiver’s private property.  

Giving a gift is tax-free and all kinds of movable and immovable property can be given as a gift, such as a car, a condominium, or a house.  

A gift may be conditional, in which case this must be clearly stated in the deed of gift.  

A lawyer is independent and will help you draft the deed of gift according to your specific wishes and the law. We listen to you and resolve your situation in the best possible way. 

When gift law meets inheritance law 

Sometimes the donor makes a gift shortly before he or she dies. On these occasions, the question may arise whether the donor of the gift has disadvantaged heirs. At Advantage Law Firm, we help you investigate whether the gift has disadvantaged the heirs and whether the conditions for returning the gift are relevant.  

Deed of gift with a lawyer who knows gift law 

Drafting a deed of gift is one of the most common tasks encountered by a lawyer practicing in the field of inheritance and gift law. Drafting a proper deed of gift requires legal knowledge.  

Let one of our lawyers help you with your deed of gift today!  

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