Construction Law

Construction law is the area of law that deals with the various legal issues related to the execution of a contract. Construction law also deals with the various types of procurement that take place within the framework of the contract.

Construction law and contract law 

Construction law is an area of law that deals with complex issues and contractual relationships between parties, usually the contractual relationship between contractor and client. In practice, construction law covers everything from building a house to large construction projects.  

Construction law is regulated to a lesser extent by general legislation and to a greater extent by common standard agreements in the industry, such as AB 04, ABT 06, and ABS 09. These standard agreements regulate the majority of situations, but it is always a good idea to supplement them with an individually designed construction agreement. 

Disputes may arise that require construction lawyers  

During a construction project, disputes may arise. For example, disputes can arise during a procurement process, contracting, and during the project. It can be a good idea to involve a lawyer to avoid and resolve unnecessary conflicts and to have a lawyer available to represent your interests if the dispute progresses. 

Advantage Law Firm, a leading advisor in construction law 

If you end up in a dispute with, for example, a client or supplier during a construction contract, contact us! Our lawyers have extensive and many years of experience in construction law. We assist you in cases and work both preventive and preparatory, we also manage the process in court or arbitration.  

Contact us if you have any questions regarding construction law or us as construction lawyers.  

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