Advantage Business Law Firm are Specialist in Construction Law

When it comes to Construction Law, Advantage International Business Law has got the expert which helps the contractors/Clients run their business seamlessly. They not only represent their clients in local government offices but also in courts to express their point of view diligently. They offer legal advice to all the stakeholders which are involved in the construction projects. Below are a few of the sectors Advantage Business Law offer its customers with affordable paying options.

Legal Advice and Guidance

Advantage business law’s, panel of lawyers for Construction Laware masters in their trade. They not only present you legal advice but guide you step by step on every step of construction including their rights, obligations and liabilities under construction contracts, regulations, and laws.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Advantage construction lawyers support property developers from drafting, reviewing, and negotiating construction contracts. It includes contracts between owners and contractors, where involved parties’ intentions, their understanding of the risk involved and most importantly how to comply with the local legal requirements.

Risk Management

In Construction Law, the most important thing is to understand the risk factors which may include design defects, cost revenues, construction delays for any reason and various disputes. We here at Advantage have the skillset to resolve issues in time for the project to start.

Regulatory Compliance

The utmost importance in a construction project is the way the contractors abide by the regulations; the government has set for this sector. There are minute details which if not comply with, could result in restrictions imposed by Government bodies. Be assured that Advantage construction lawyers have you all covered as they know the minute to complex details of Construction Law traits.

Dispute Resolution

With over 15 years of experience in hand at Advantage Business law, we have learnt through case studies of our clients. How they were faced with disputes arising from local bodies to residents etc. But worry not, we have a construction law team who will assist you promptly in your hard times.

Claims Management

Our Construction Law team is magnificent in dealing with claims made against its clients. Not only do they defend the simple claims but complex cases like change of orders, delay claims, warranty claims and disruption claims are included. They work hard to analyse each claim on its merit and save money and time for their clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are situations where both parties agree to settle the dispute outside of court. Advantage construction lawyer’s experience has helped its clients considerably in such matters where the law team resolves the dispute efficiently and cost effectively.

Litigation Support

As with issues, a contractor faces, there are times when litigation becomes necessary. Our construction lawyers support you with in-depth case analysis, collection of evidence, witness preparations and courtroom presentations. They defend your case with legal counsel, cross-examine witnesses and bring out the best outcome for their clients.

Quality Assurance

Swedish building and Construction Law stresses on the quality control, inspections at different phases of the construction and meeting with all technical standards throughout the construction processes. We are equipped with all these skills to assist our clients in their projects.

Occupational Safety and Health

As with quality assurance, the Swedish government emphasises the need to look after contractors, sub-contractors’ health and safety.  Construction laws made construction companies pay attention to the wellbeing of their workers. Our construction lawyers know all these regulations and smoothly guide you on how to set the whole project which meets the government’s guidelines.

Environmental Considerations

The Swedish government is among the countries known for protecting their environment and the government can force heavy fines if the regulations are not followed accordingly. Advantage construction lawyers work under these regulations and understand the implications of this. We pride ourselves in guiding our clients on how to minimise environmental risks, promote sustainability and improve the environment where habitat can devolve.

Building Codes and Standards

The Swedish national board of housing, building, and planning introduces building codes and technical regulations to make sure the workers work in a safe place. They also introduced regulations covering structural design, fire safety, ventilation, fire safety and accessibility for disabled workers. We here at Advantage business law firm consult with construction clients and guide them in every step of their project.

Building Permits

Just like all other regulations where contractors have to abide by them, there is another step the contractors need to take. They need to apply for relevant permits from the local authorities. The contractors need to justify the proposed structure and comply with the zoning regulations, environmental requirements and building codes. Advantage lawyers are well prepared to understand all this so our clients won’t struggle to understand these and control losses and unexpected delays.

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