Employment Dispute Services

Fostering collaboration between employees and employers yields superior outcomes.

Workplace disputes pose significant challenges to businesses, potentially disrupting operations and leading to costly legal proceedings or compensation claims. Our team of experienced employment solicitors specializes in guiding businesses through these challenges, offering proactive strategies to prevent and efficiently resolve disputes. With our expertise in employment dispute services, you can safeguard your business from unnecessary disruptions and mitigate the risks associated with workplace conflicts.

Employment Law for Companies

Labor law holds a pivotal significance for business owners and operators, irrespective of their company’s scale or industry. The Employment Protection Act (1982:80), along with any applicable collective agreements, imposes substantial obligations on employers when it comes to ‘’Employment Dispute Services’’. Given the complexity of labor law matters and the stringent compensation regulations imposed on employers, it’s crucial to handle these issues correctly. Well-informed company management and expert employment law guidance play indispensable roles in preempting and mitigating workplace challenges. By ensuring compliance and implementing sound practices, businesses can effectively navigate potential problem areas and uphold a harmonious and legally sound work environment.

As a company owner or manager, you may encounter various situations in necessitating organizational changes, such as staff redeployment or layoffs to streamline costs. Additionally, you might require assistance in addressing employee misconduct, including issuing warnings or terminating employment for personal reasons. Furthermore, your company may face employee demands related to salary, vacation entitlements, unemployment benefits, discrimination, or damages. These measures can also impact employment conditions beyond those covered by labor laws. For instance, terminating contracts with contractors, drafting CEO agreements, or resolving disputes arising from the aforementioned issues may arise. In navigating these complexities, seeking expert legal guidance can prove invaluable in ensuring compliance and mitigating potential risks.

Beyond the employment conditions within your company, labor law encompasses several crucial aspects, including incentive programs, GDPR compliance, and workplace safety regulations. Clarifying these policies and procedures is vital for maintaining a transparent and legally compliant work environment. Your company may need to develop comprehensive policy documents to outline these regulations clearly and at Advantage we work rigorously especially in ‘’Employment Dispute Services’’. Additionally, existing policies may require thorough review or revision to ensure alignment with current legal standards and organizational needs. By proactively addressing these matters, your company can promote compliance, enhance employee understanding, and mitigate potential legal risks. We advocate for employers in a wide array of work-related disputes, providing support in union negotiations, ongoing advisory services, and potential court proceedings. Additionally, we offer tailored labor law training to companies upon request. Reach out to Advantage Advokatbyrå for proactive dispute prevention strategies or comprehensive assistance throughout the resolution process.

Termination of Employment

One factor we deal in ‘’Employment Dispute Services’’ is ‘Termination of employment’, commonly referred to as being dismissed or fired, should not be confused with being laid off. Dismissal entails an immediate termination of employment, without any notice period. However, dismissal requires substantial evidence of gross misconduct, and the burden of proof lies with the employer. It is a drastic measure that should only be employed in cases of serious negligence on the part of the employee. Regrettably, employers sometimes wrongfully dismiss employees due to misunderstanding or ignorance, when in fact it should be a justified dismissal. If you suspect wrongful dismissal, it may be wise to seek a free assessment from our dedicated team of lawyers, of your case to ensure your rights are protected.

Holidays and Holiday Pay

One of the important factors in ‘’ Employment Dispute Services’’ is the employees’ entitlement to their holidays. Annual Leave Act governs employees’ entitlement to holiday benefits, encompassing holiday leave, pay, and compensation. This legislation also defines the duration of the holiday year and the accrual period. The holiday year spans from April 1st of one year to March 31st of the subsequent year, with the preceding period termed as the vesting period.

Upon termination of employment with unused holiday days, holiday pay is disbursed to the employee. As per the percentage rule, holiday pay amounts to 12 percent of the employee’s earned salary during the accrual year. Absences from work due to factors like illness or occupational injury are also eligible for holiday pay, provided the employee has been wholly or partially absent for a full year of vesting.

It’s important to note that collective agreements may stipulate different conditions compared to those outlined in the Annual Leave Act. If you are terminated from your job and haven’t utilized all your entitled holiday, you retain the right to receive holiday pay for the remaining leave. Employees typically retain entitlement to holiday pay and compensation irrespective of the circumstances surrounding their termination. At Advantage Law Firm, we assist you in understanding and asserting your rights in such situations.

Wage Claim

In our ‘’Employment Dispute Services’’, we work side by side with organizations and employees when it comes to wage claim. The determination of whether a wage claim exists is made on a case-by-case basis, considering the surrounding circumstances. Typically, for a breach of contract to be established, it is necessary for the payment to be delayed by more than a few days. Regarding salary claims, there is a general limitation period of ten years. It is not a requirement to be currently employed when submitting the wage claim; it suffices that the employment existed at some point within the ten-year period and that there are unpaid wages.

 Should the employer fail to fulfill the outstanding salary upon request, we, as your legal representative, can assist in recovering the owed wages. We can initiate legal proceedings against the employer in the district court.  With extensive experience in handling both employer and employee cases concerning wage claims in various contexts, our team of labor lawyers and attorneys is well-equipped to address your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for legal assistance with your wage claim, unpaid wages, or any related matters concerning ‘’Employment Dispute Services’’. Even in cases where the employer declares bankruptcy, you may still be entitled to a wage guarantee.

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