Rasmus Kaneberg


Rasmus Kaneberg


I have worked at Advantage Juristbyrå since October 2021. I mainly work with labor law, contract law, consumer disputes and real estate law, but also take on cases within the agency’s other legal areas.

I completed my law degree at Stockholm University. During my education, I chose to focus on commercial contract law and construction law. I also studied an exchange semester at the Universität Wien, where I chose to continue focusing on commercial contract law. In parallel with my studies, I worked at ARN and Vattenfall, among others.

After my studies, I worked at both a law firm and a law firm, then mainly in labor law. Having had to work with labor law during an ongoing pandemic has given me an incredibly humble attitude to how important labor law is as legislation. It has also given me an extra drive to continue wanting to work and fight for those who need help.

I will help you with your questions and concerns

I am passionate about helping individuals and companies with their legal issues and believe that honesty and transparency are a necessity for a fruitful collaboration. The most important thing for me is that the client must be aware of his conditions and expectations throughout the process.

I grew up in Enköping, but have lived in Stockholm for many years now. In my free time, you can usually see me in the company of my friends and not infrequently with my golf clubs on my back.

If you want to get in touch with me, you are most welcome to send an email to the address below, and we will book an initial meeting as soon as possible