Natalia Juntunen


Natalia Juntunen

ag obtained my law degree (jur.cand.) at Stockholm University and already during my education chose to focus on Swedish and international private law in the area of family law. Ever since completing academic studies, I have continued to specialize in family law, working exclusively in it at reputable law firms in the city.

I answer all your questions about family law

Family law is and has become my specialty. I work with issues related to custody, accommodation and contact with children, but also with issues related to financial family law such as separation, property division and inheritance law. The client’s interests and needs together with the circumstances of the case are central factors in determining which way is most appropriate to go to resolve the dispute – sometimes the conditions for finding a consensual solution are good, while in other cases it is required that the dispute be resolved through court proceedings. In many cases, disputes can be avoided entirely by being foresight and drafting agreements for a preventive purpose such as prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and wills.

I am fluent in English and Polish in speech and writing and also have good language skills in German.