Tim Rothmyr


I have worked at Advantage Juristbyrå since May 2021. At the agency, I mainly work in migration law and administrative law, but also broadly in business law. I am passionate about helping and representing my clients in the best possible way with their legal problems. I prioritize that the client should feel safe and secure that I will find the best possible solution in their case.

In the spring of 2021, I took my law degree from the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg. I chose to focus on tort and insurance law, international intellectual property law, family law and international commercial trade and maritime law. At the same time, I started at Advantage Juristbyrå as a legal trainee. Outside of my legal education, I also have a Bachelor of Philosophy in Chinese. I have legal experience from both an authority and a law firm, and have worked on the side of both the authority and the private person.

During my free time, I most appreciate spending time with friends, strength training, learning languages and being in nature. I am fluent in English and Swedish in speech and writing and also have good knowledge of Chinese.

Contact me, and I will help you with your situation!