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When you hear the word “hyresrätt“ or see it in writing, most people probably think of a particular type of housing, namely one where you rent the home from a landlord. Tenancy law is about a tenant renting a home or premises permanently from the landlord.

Professional lawyers for landlord and tenant law in Stockholm 

Tenancy law is an area of law that regulates the rental market, i.e., the rental of housing and premises and everything related to it, such as the rental agreement, rent setting, and much more! 

We will help you with your home or premises and sort out the legal issues. We will help you with your rental property in Stockholm. 

What does tenancy mean for you as a tenant? 

If you are renting a residential apartment, you have a particularly vulnerable position in relation to the landlord. As a tenant, you have direct protection of possession that cannot be negotiated away. The protection of possession means that the landlord can only terminate your contract on the basis of certain rules laid down by law and other specifically regulated circumstances.   

Instead, a tenant of premises has an indirect security of tenure, which can be negotiated under certain conditions.  

Disputes between a tenant and a landlord are usually heard by the Rent Tribunal. In some cases, a decision by the Rent Board can be appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal.  

Do you need help with rental law issues in Stockholm? 

Advantage Law Firms’ lawyers have extensive expertise in rental law and our lawyers have several years of experience in assisting clients with rental law issues.  

Among other things, we can help you with the following: 

  • Review, drafting and termination of your lease agreements 
  • Representing you in various rent disputes before the Rent Board and the court. 
  • Transfer of premises 
  • Reduction of rent and compensation for damages due to impairment and obstruction of the right of use 

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you! 

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