Right of Asylum

Asylum law is the area of law that regulates how foreign citizens or stateless persons are received when they flee to Sweden. There are clear and distinct rules to follow.

The right to asylum is regulated by three legal documents:

The Aliens Act
UN Refugee Convention
Dublin Regulation
Each person’s application must be assessed individually, where consideration must be given to the applicant’s gender and sexual orientation. The Dublin Regulation regulates which country must examine an asylum application.

Residence permits are given to those who are refugees, alternatively those in need of protection and others in need of protection.

Asylum law deals with refugees and those in need of protection
A person who has a well-founded fear of persecution is considered a refugee. The reasons for the persecution can be several:

Religious or political opinion
Sexual orientation
Belonging to a certain social group
Persecution from the home country’s authorities can also be a reason. It can then also be about the home country’s authorities being unable/unwilling or uninterested in protecting people from a certain ethnic group.

Other protection needs are defined in the Swedish Aliens Act. It can e.g. about not being able to return to the home country due to armed conflict, fear of suffering serious abuse or not being able to return due to an environmental disaster. Most asylum seekers who are granted asylum receive a permanent residence permit (PUT).

Asylum cases and the right to asylum usually require patience for the individual

Unfortunately, it has been shown that the Swedish Migration Agency and other relevant authorities do not always take important personal circumstances into account or that they evaluate each individual case correctly.

It may be due to overload (Sweden has had an unusually large number of asylum seekers in recent years). Linguistic bewilderment, stress and too fast a pace also means that many people do not succeed in bringing their own case and therefore risk losing their rights.

Then you can feel safe that our lawyers are by your side as your representative and guide you and your case through all steps in the asylum process. Our lawyers have extensive experience in asylum cases and together we also have extensive linguistic competence.

Asylum seekers have the right to choose their own representative and lawyer
The Swedish Migration Agency appoints a public assistant for asylum seekers. The applicant does not have to pay anything for the agent’s work. As an asylum seeker, you have the right to choose your own representative.

If you want to hire Advantage Advokatbyrå as your representative during the asylum process, it is important that you state as soon as possible that you want to hire us to the Migration Agency’s case officer.

Documents that may be needed in an asylum case
If you are going to meet one of our lawyers to discuss asylum rights, citizenship or similar issues, the following documents may be valuable to have with you:

Application for asylum
LMA card
The Migration Agency’s dossier number
Residence permit
Application for citizenship
Work permit or AT-UND
Study certificate
Salary specification
Immigration law and asylum law expert lawyer and law firm
We know migration issues and asylum rights issues, very simply explained.

And remember, everyone has the right to have their case heard!

Advantage Advokatbyrå has extensive and broad experience in asylum cases and asylum law.

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