Peter Tagestam

I started working at Advantage Advokabyrå in 2012. Today I am co-owner and office manager at the office on Sveavägen in Stockholm. I mainly work with broad business law, real estate law and general dispute resolution. I have in-depth knowledge of contract law and lecture continuously through external assignments, clients have included Påhlmans Handelsinstitut. My interest in building technology means that my in-depth legal knowledge in real estate law comes to a head in complicated technical processes. I really enjoy litigating in court, which I have the opportunity to do on an ongoing basis.

Before I started at Advantage Juristbyrå, I worked at Motormännen’s Legal Department. I was also project manager for the Gatujuristerna project, which is a collaboration between Situation Stockholm and Stockholm University, which aims to help homeless and vulnerable people with legal advice. I am basically trained as a chef, but chose the academic path at the age of 27, which I am very happy about today.

I will help you with your questions and concerns

I am passionate about helping people and companies with legal issues and consider good service to be a matter of course. The most important thing for me is to deliver what the client expects. Honesty and clarity are my watchwords and I work hard to ensure that the client is satisfied.

I was born and raised in Halmstad, on the west coast, but have lived in Stockholm for many years now. In my free time, I prefer spending time with my family. I love being on the lake and working on my construction and renovation projects when the opportunity arises. If you want to get in touch with me, just send an email to the address below, and we will book a meeting as soon as possible.