Errors in Property and Hidden errors

Property errors and hidden errors when buying a house or condominium can be very upsetting for our clients. We help with the inspection and are here for your legal questions!

Hidden defects can be difficult to detect when buying real estate

If you as a buyer discover hidden defects in the house or condominium, you may be entitled to a price reduction or compensation from the seller. In the event of serious errors, the purchase can also be canceled and the performance returned. The buyer has a far-reaching inspection duty when purchasing property.

The duty to investigate means that, as far as possible, you must investigate and discover any faults in the property. If, after the examination, any errors are discovered that could not be detected during the initial examination, the buyer may be entitled to reasonable compensation from the seller.

Discovering faults in houses and condominiums after the purchase
If the defect could already be detected during the initial examination, the seller cannot be held responsible for the defect. Other factors can also have an impact on what constitutes a fault in the property, such as the building’s age, price and condition.

Errors in real estate and legal protection with a real estate lawyer and lawyer
There are possibilities that the cost of a lawyer or lawyer is covered by your insurance company through legal protection. In the event of disputes, you will not have to bear the entire cost yourself.

Our lawyers and lawyers have special expertise in the area of real estate law and will help you with all your questions regarding defects in real estate and hidden defects.

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