Building and Construction Law

Building and construction law is the area of law that deals with permits that give you the right to build on your land. Building rights refer to what and how much you are allowed to build on a property in accordance with the applicable local plan. Building rights give you both rights and obligations regarding your planned construction.

If you are a property owner and want to build, for example, a garage or an extension, you first need to ensure that the unique building right for your property is produced. This will show you how many square meters you are allowed to build. 

More building rights 

The building rights are adjusted according to the infrastructure in the area and the provisions of the local plan. The zoning plan contains information on the character and function of the area in question and how the property and plot in question may be used: 

  • How high the building may be 
  • The number of floors 
  • If the property is to be used for living in 
  • The distance to the plot boundary 

You can apply to the municipality for a larger building right? This is subject to a suitability assessment. There is a comprehensive set of regulations to ensure that the building does not exceed the total space, making it too high or too narrow between the buildings in the area. There are many different aspects to consider and each case is individual. 

Changing a structure 

There are other occasions when the right to build should be used. The right to build also comes into play when you want to change a structure, for example by building a balcony or a wall. The application for such construction takes place at your municipal office. 

Advantage Law Firm: Building and construction law 

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