Legal Aid

Legal aid and advice under the Legal Aid Act is financial support from the state for those who cannot get legal help in any other way. Legal aid means that the state pays part of your legal costs.

What is legal aid? 

The main beneficiaries of legal aid are private individuals and, in some cases, estates. The provisions on legal aid are set out in the Legal Aid Act, which also regulates the issues for which it is possible to obtain legal aid.  

You can fill out a legal aid application together with your lawyer and send it to the Legal Aid Authority. It is the Legal Aid Authority or the court that decides whether you receive legal aid.  

What is included in legal aid? 

Among other things, legal aid recipients will have part of their costs for the legal aid assistant, up to 100 hours, covered, costs for evidence at the general court and the Labor Court covered, investigation costs up to SEK 10,000 covered and costs for interpretation and translation covered. 

Who can be a legal aid assistant? 

Lawyers in a law firm or anyone else who is suitable for the task can be appointed as legal aid assistants. It is the Legal Aid Agency or the court that decides whether the person is suitable.  

At Advantage Law Firm, we are experienced and undertake ongoing and continuous assignments as legal aid assistants. Contact us if you need help! Either by phone 08 – 20 21 40 or by e-mail 

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