Employment law lawyer Stockholm

Labor law lawyer for both employers and employees

We represent both employers and employees in all areas of labor law. Our labor law lawyers stand by your side, during negotiations and in legal disputes.

Each of our labor law lawyers has extensive experience in handling various types of issues, both in connection with the establishment of labor law agreements and in negotiations and conflict resolution.

We help you when you need the help of an employment law lawyer

Our labor law lawyers have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of labor law. We assist you in your questions and matters with great commitment.

In employment law, an employment law lawyer can help you with, among other things, the following matters:

Termination and dismissal
Discrimination in the workplace

Lawyer who really knows labor law issues

Often these issues can be both sensitive and can handle several individuals at the same time.

As a corporate lawyer, it is important to both be an expert in the subject but also have a good portion of human behavior and understanding of HR issues.

Labor law issues can concern both the employer and the employee:

Employment or employment
Termination or Termination
Relocation offer or relocation
Negotiation for employers and employees
Notice or notification
Discrimination in the workplace

Employment law lawyer Stockholm who can help you in the right way

In employment law, we work primarily in Stockholm and Stockholm’s inner city, but also in the entire Stockholm area. It is also common for us to receive inquiries from all over Sweden regarding employment law issues, so do not hesitate to contact us about your matter.

Feel free to contact us if you need our help in labor law matters.

We can be reached on 08-20 21 40 or info@advantage.se

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