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Over the years, we’ve come to understand that each case is unique, each client has specific requirements, and our primary task is finding solutions tailored for each individual. We listen attentively and work strategically and practically together in order to always arrive at the ideal solutions.

Labor law

our attorneys possess extensive expertise in handling various labor law issues related to the establishment of agreements, negotiations, and conflict resolution. You can rely on the skillful representation that our labor law attorneys will provide in handling your case. Examples include:

Employment / Hiring
Termination / Dismissal
Reassignment / Relocation assistance
Negotiation / Wage agreements

The importance of labor law for employees and employers

Labor law plays a significant role in the workplace, governing the relationship between employees and employers. This encompasses employment contracts, working hours, wages and compensation, termination/dismissal rights, protection against discrimination claims, and rights during sickness or parental leave – among other topics.

Employees must understand their rights and responsibilities under labor law in order to assert them and safeguard themselves against potential discrimination or incorrect decisions from an employer. Equally, employers must abide by labor law in order to avoid legal repercussions and foster a positive working environment for their staff members.

Construction law and the role of a construction lawyer

Construction law is a branch of legal science that deals with complex issues and contractual relationships between parties, usually contractors and clients. In practice, this area of expertise can encompass everything from building houses to large-scale construction projects.

Contrary to many other legal areas, construction law is less heavily regulated by legislation. Legal professionals within this field must work with commonly utilized standard agreements like AB 04, ABT 06, and ABS 09.

These agreements are intended to cover a wide variety of scenarios that could occur within a construction project. However, they should be supplemented by individually drafted construction contracts that take into account the specific conditions of each contractual relationship.

Construction projects necessitate careful planning and consideration to avoid unnecessary disputes or costs. Construction law can be employed, for instance, in disputes between clients and suppliers in construction contexts.

In these instances, it may encompass everything from procurement to various agreements associated with different construction projects.

Are you considering franchising?

If so, there are several things to consider, such as the requirement of an initial investment. If you do not possess your own capital, external financiers such as banks may need to step in. Furthermore, try your best not to guarantee the debts of a newly started company unless absolutely necessary; at the very least make sure your commitment is clearly limited.

Before becoming a franchisee, ask yourself if you are willing to surrender the insight and control required of a franchisee. How do you perceive those behind the concept? Additionally, do your due diligence on researching the concept thoroughly – don’t just rely on its franchisor but also other independent sources. Are there other franchisees in other locations where information can be gained?

If you are thinking about becoming a franchisee, the Swedish Franchise Association recommends using their checklist for franchise agreements as a starting point.

Claim Dispute

If you find yourself involved in a claim dispute with another individual or company or need help collecting outstanding debts such as unpaid invoices, we can be of service.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

We possess extensive expertise in litigating in both general and administrative courts. We represent companies, individuals, housing cooperatives, economic associations, and more in disputes of all sizes: from minor debt issues between people to inheritance claims; corporate disputes between shareholders in companies to litigation between different businesses, employee-employer disputes to tenant-landlord issues, franchisor-franchisee relationships to disputes regarding the personal property such as cars.

Contract lawyer with extensive experience in various agreements

At Advantage Law Firm, our lawyers possess extensive expertise in drafting and reviewing contracts. Below you can view a sample of the different types of contracts our lawyers can assist you with:

Shareholder’s agreements, business transfer agreements, employment contracts, franchise agreements, collaboration agreements, confidentiality agreements, and rental agreements can be very comprehensive in scope.

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